We are the Clear Invest LTD Our team develops mobile games for kids of preschool and school age. Currently we are one of the publisher leaders at the international market. Our games have more than 300 million downloads and the company is at the TOP 100 developers of mobile games around the world. We have been at the playing market since 2014. Our professionals have created more than 100 of our own games and translated them in 13 languages (Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian). We have our own Hippo brand, but we also cooperate with other brands. Our aims are to create new products, communicate, look for new partners and move forward.

We created our own SDK and put in all our games. It turned out to be more profitable than the same SDK from other companies. Initially we have done it for ourselves only, but now we are ready to share the technology with those who want to earn more. Self development is very important for us. That’s why we want to help others to promote and develop their games (and the most important to get profit of them!). We could also publish games of other companies and developers. And we are always ready to help in game promotion. We aim to create high quality family content for mobile platforms (Android and iOS), self develop and contribute in game industry.